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Learning at Wagner virtual school
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Wagner Consulting International has gained strong reputation and trust in the translation world among other agencies thanks to a great record of professional linguistic services provided to a variety of clients across the world and industries, which helped the company established strong capabilities across multiple key sectors.
Now, Wagner puts all the experience and expertise gained accessible for anyone who strives to boost their careers.
The learning system developed by Wagner Consulting is one of the best, with a top-notch online platform and teachers who are experts in their field.
The training and Education Division offers the following:
- Language courses, ideal for people who want to excel their skills with languages including English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and German. All the teachers are native speakers. The courses are ideal for beginners and confident language users.

- Training courses, aimed to equip language service providers with up to date to knowledge on software, trends, project management and more to help the be ready for today’s challenges in providing complex solutions to a customer base that keeps becoming more demanding.

Wagner’s virtual school provides professional lessons tailored to the goals and needs of each user. In other words, the educative lessons are one to one and with innovative learning techniques. The virtual online classroom is developed according to the best standards and with a system that is redefining the way students learn and excel skills.
One of the main advantages of the online lessons is the availability to study from anywhere and at any time. Students do not have to travel for half an hour or more to attend classes. They can simply log in from the comfort of their houses, schools, etc.
In addition, the effectiveness of the programs rely in the expertise of professors who share their knowledge in a way that is tailored to what the student needs, they are like private tutors guiding students.
Studying with Wagner’s programs guarantees professionals the skills needed to success. The lessons equip participants with knowledge about grammar, vocabulary as well as the use of tools and software for language services.
Wagner Consulting has been a leading provider of services to many industries and gained a strong customer base because of the seriousness and level of work. The same quality is offered to the participants of eLearning programs.
The courses are easy to follow and structured in a way that provides the best, innovative methods of learning.

If you wish to receive a detailed offer or consultation on media solutions or translation solutions, please contact us at www.vip-translator.com or talk to one of our representatives, who will gladly assist you:
Training and Education Solutions at Wagner Consulting
US: (718) 838 9533 (English speaking)
US: (917) 725 3145 (Spanish speaking)
EU: (718) 618 4268
E-Mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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