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Top 10 skills a copywriter needs

Top 10 skills a copywriter needs

It is easy to recognize good content when we read it. Copy is undeniably everywhere, brands hire skilled copywriters to create blogs, advertisements, product descriptions, catalogs, brochures, and...


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Pain in the waist? Toothache? flu or cough? So, it's time to visit your doctor. It is always recommended that if you feel any of these symptoms in your body, it is better not to extend the time to...


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The fashion industry has managed to be relevant, famous and influent at a worldwide level, and there are several specialized areas that come with this type of services, for instance:

  • Visual Identity: This specialized service offers to help a brand to create a voice and a face (identity) through images, shapes and colors, with the purpose of creating an ensemble of virtual elements for that Brand Identity. Some of the products that this area creates are logos, typography, color palettes and image libraries.
  • Marketing and Advertising: This is one of the most recognized areas within Graphic Design services. The purpose of this area is engaging people on the wants, needs awareness and satisfaction through a specific media such as vehicle wraps or magazines, for example. Some of the products to offer are: postcards, flyers, infographics, brochures, email marketing templates and images for websites and blogs.
  • Publications: Due to the significant rise in digital publishing, designers in this area work closely with editors and publishers to create layouts with carefully and strategically selected typography, graphics and illustrations. Some of the products this specialized area can offer are: newsletters, catalogs, directories and annual reports.
  • Motion design: Motion graphics are graphics in motion, which include animation, audio, typography, imagery, video and other effects that are used in online media, television and film. Some of the products this division has to offer are: advertisements, animated logo, trailers, apps, websites, promotional videos, banners and gifs.
  • Art and Illustration for Graphic Design: graphic artist and illustrators create original artwork, from fine art to decoration to storytelling illustrations. Through this specialized area products such as graphic patterns for textiles, motion graphic, technical illustration, album art, book covers, concept art, picture book, T-shit design.

Wagner Consulting International expands its services by including other industries in their client portfolio. The company has an extensive list of services related to the different industries that have required its support and have also set a significant record within this enterprise.

Nowadays, the company keeps on growing by offering Graphic Design services for the Fashion Industry. Wagner Consulting, a leading graphic design agency committed to deliver the highest quality at affordable prices, works according to the highest standards. This company lets its clients know that they have a reliable partner for all Design service needs.


If you wish to receive a detailed offer on or consultation on Copywriting solutions provided by Wagner Consulting, then please feel free to contact our Sales Team, who will gladly assist you.

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