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Any situation is likely to affect the translation sector. The demand for information of any kind logically leads to a secondary demand for text translation. And the financial crisis that has shaken in recent years our society has been a clear example of this.

In fact, the demand for translation of financial texts has been so great that it has meant the beginning and establishment of the bases for the transformation of the field of economic translation, where professionals have been trained much more to be prepared and familiar with the demands of the market.

Financial translation: Why it is so important

Financial translation is one of the most complicated specialties, given the high degree of lexical and financial knowledge it requires and is responsible for translating any financial text.

In financial translation, there are extremely specific terms that are only mastered and recognized when the professional translator is really explicitly familiar to these fields. Without a doubt, this requires a personal preference of the translator for this specialty.

The financial texts are very varied and include, for example, from the documentation that concerns everything related to investment funds, to the annual accounts of a company.

Most of these documents must according to the law to shareholders, relevant agencies or investors in an investment fund. Nowadays and every day more, the companies that create this type of texts act in several countries, so it is essential to translate them into different languages.

The financial and economic translation includes many types of documents: balance sheets and other accounting statements, fund reports, market research, risk/asset management documents, audit reports, due diligence checklists, merger/acquisition texts, among others.

In fact, financial translation is one of the most sought-after specialized but also the most complicated. The intrusion of English in the financial language makes this type of translation have specific characteristics, so the recommendation is always to choose specialized translators in this field.

The translation of financial documents is a difficult exercise because financial terminology can be misleading. The need for specialized professionals is crucial to provide a high-quality translation service. At Wagner Consulting we have a wide network of professional translators carefully selected from their specialization and experience. We provide solutions for this and other professional sectors.


If you wish to receive a detailed offer on or consultation on Copywriting solutions provided by Wagner Consulting, then please feel free to contact our Sales Team, who will gladly assist you.

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