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When talking about nowadays subtitling timing is something that is supposed to be in the center of attention. Whether you need to produce subtitles, translate subtitles or closed captioning, Wagner Consulting International offers subtitling services with tested in-country subtitle translators and quality assurance tools to translate and localize your videos for a global audience.
It is important to synchronize video and audio material with the text. Two lines of subtitles have to be clearly visible and be easy to read while watching the video.
During our work with such tasks, members of Wagner Consulting team consider several steps to create the valuable product. After spotting the timing of every piece of text, we translate source material into a targeted language. It is important to mention that Wagner Consulting only works with experts in certain fields who also are native speakers. It helps them to create an accurate translation. We pride ourselves on our team's fluency in the regional dialect, the culturally relevant idioms, and the current vernacular of the target countries.
On the next step, we split the text into phrases, so the viewer would be able to read it quickly. Above all, they must not distract the viewer. Some of the basic principle criteria are punctuation, line breaks, hyphens, ellipsis, and italics.
Sometimes it is needed to modificate subtitles and timing to make the video easier to understand without any bother for the viewer. You can be sure that the texts will be as literal as possible to the locution to which they accompany. In addition, it is not a question for the text to be correct grammatically and orthographically.


If you wish to receive a detailed offer or consultation on Wagner Consulting´s translation solutions, then please feel free to contact our Sales Team, who will gladly assist you.

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