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Russian is a language that keeps captivating people around the world. It’s ranked the fifth most prevalent language in the world, with over 300 million people who speak (160 million of them having it as their native language).
Russia is a hub for businesses and home to some of the finest traditions in Arts including cinema, ballet, theatre, music, visual arts and more. Therefore, understanding Russian establishes an important bridge to understanding its cultural richness, as well as having better business opportunities.
Whether you are looking to expand your customer base or seeking new career opportunities, Russia is a spot to keep an eye on. Here are some more good reasons to learn Russian:
1. Knowing Russian improves employment opportunities
Russia has been in a process to position itself as a major economic force and it has managed to make a significant mark in the global tourism industry thanks to the big amount of people traveling overseas. Therefore, speaking Russian will open many doors if you are in the touristic industry.
2. A variety of business opportunities
Russian entrepreneurs are very interested in international economics and are willing to establish business relationships with partners from other countries for numerous strategic alliances. In the same way, foreign businesspersons are interested in Russia due to its natural resources and the size of the market. And, of course, the best way to access a market is to speak their language.
3. Russian is an important language for Science and Technology
A recent study shows that the number of publications in English and Russian are first and second, respectively. Russia has always been a hub for Sciences and nowadays it has diversified to different areas, including information technology, computer programming, software engineering and more.
4. Discover the true Russia
Learning Russian will offer you the opportunity to discover Russia in a whole new way. When traveling to a place with a different language and not being able to speak it, tourists have a limited communication with locals due to the language barrier. On the other hand, acquiring the ability to maintain a conversation in Russian will help you experience Russia like a local and even develop substantial friendships.
5. Good for your CV
The Russian language opens many doors in a variety of fields. Therefore, having command in it is a valuable asset for any employer. Learning the language will boost your career opportunities in Business, Science, Tourism, Art, History, etc.
At Wagner, you will find online Russian courses from beginner to advanced levels with the best quality and innovative learning techniques to make the most of your time. Our qualified native teachers will provide lessons tailored to your objectives and guide you in the path.

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