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The rise in content marketing has given some journalists a new career path. Since so many of the skills necessary for journalism — writing, editing, idea generation and attention to detail — are required for content marketing, it’s a relatively easy career transition to make.
Content marketing deals with publishing relevant content, capturing the audience’s attention and creating added value. Right now, many companies are altering their marketing departments to focus more on content marketing. Most have realized that in many cases traditional marketing can be replaced by editorial content through their own channels, and are employing journalists, editors and copywriters to do the job.
An experiences reporter, even if they lack a basic grounding in marketing, has a better starting point for successful content marketing than a good copywriter with no experience in journalism. A journalist fulfils several of the requirements demanded of a successful content creator:
• Ability to be objective and seize the readers’ perspective
• Find new and interesting angles for news and events.
• Formulate and ask the right questions so you get the right answers.
• Find, evaluate and critique different sources of information.
• Create engaging content that’s targeted to its intended audience.

In the short-term, it may seem cost effective to write your content in house, or outsource it to marketers without a background in journalism. However, in the long-run, your content will be stronger if you invest in solid journalists who have experience and the cache to ensure that your content is top notch.
The following are the top 8 reasons why you should stick to journalists for content creation:
1. They’re formally trained. Journalists are trained to avoid plagiarism, and know all the grammar and style rules.
2. They’re inquisitive. If a journalist is new to your industry, chances are, he’s going to be asking the same questions that your customers want to know the answers to as well. These questions lead to excellent story ideas, which will result in articles, blogs, whitepapers, guides, e-books, etc.
3. They’re fantastic storytellers. They’re trained on how to write a solid opening sentence, an explanatory body, and a conclusion that wraps everything up nicely. A journalist will be able to answer the who, what, when, where, and how questions in their article, while making every sentence count.
4. They write from not salesy standpoint. While it’s appropriate for your sales copy and call to action to drive your sales, your written content needs to be neutral. Content marketing needs to inform first, so you need to start from a place of producing content simply for your readers, and not solely getting them to purchase from you.

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