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GIFs have become increasingly popular and now they are everywhere. You can find them on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and in many blogs. The reason? They are eye-catching, funny and spontaneous. Dynamic visual content has showed to be essential to boost engagement in Social Media. Indeed, it has boosted as much as 313% on Twitter and 130% on Facebook.
One of the most commonly used visual content is an animated GIF because they are rather easy to make and can go viral easily. If you want to connect better with your audience and add a personal touch to your business profile, we have some tips to use animated GIFs in the best ways.
1. To educate
Humans have a short attention span and it is even shorter in Social Media. This is exactly what makes GIFs a great option for educating an audience. If you are looking to show a demo of your product, a guide about your app, a recipe, you can present a GIF people will love it.

2. To provide visual instructions
Nowadays, How-to-do videos are not as popular as before. People and especially Social Media users prefer short content. Therefore, instead of making a 3-5 minutes video, you can embed a looping GIF to provide instructions and people will understand it easily.
3. To tell a story
Yes, GIFs are short. However, they can be great at storytelling when developed with a perfect mindset. Merging many images together to frame a story related to your product can be the perfect strategy to be more appealing to your audience and tell the benefits of your product/service at the same time.
4. To promote
GIFs are a funny option to tease a new product and generate expectations or to advertise a new one that is already in the market. The best way to do it is to choose one specific feature or characteristic you’d like to show (because a gif is essentially short.) You can present one feature per GIF.
5. To animate your data
Statistics is not exactly the most funny and attracting thing. However, GIFs can turn them into a more eye catching and interesting content. If you think about it, not that many people want to analyze big data charts. By making use of colors and movement through a GIF, you can give life to dull statistics and make people more willing to pay attention.

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