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Xamarin is an American software company, subsidiary of Microsoft. With a shared code of the C# programming language, software developers can use Xamarin to write native mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows, and share code across multiple platforms, including Windows and macOS.
Native Mobile Apps: It means that for its development the native programming language of the device was used, eg. (Objective C or Swift for iOS, Java for Android and .Net for Windows Phone). This model is totally dependent on the platform and the Apps are not portable, you have to develop one per platform.
Cross-platform: Is computer software that is implemented on multiple computing platforms. Software can be divided into two major types or classes: one requires an individual compilation for each platform that supports it, and the other can be run directly on any platform without special preparation
Xamarin is a multiplatform development tool that allows developers to create applications on all market platforms from a single C # programming language.
C# is the spoiled language of Microsoft, therefore it is very popular among .NET programmers, but although this language is very popular there is a disadvantage when creating mobile applications.
To create iOS applications you need to write code in Objective-C and to create Android Apps you need to know Java; Xamarin comes to unify these differences with his IDE Xamarin Studio, since you need to master C# to create iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications. It uses the JavaScript programming language, which is typical of web pages, and then translates to the native system of each application.

Why choose Xamarin?
Reuse of code: It is possible to develop in the three main platforms of the market (iOS, Windows Phone and Android), using the same C # programming language, sharing up to 90% of the code.
Native experiences: Access to all mobile hardware, with Xamarin we obtain 100% native applications, just as if they had been encoded in Objective-C, Swift or Java.
Provides a total access to the API of each platform: The native platforms are constantly evolving and suffer continuous updates. Xamarin has as many third-party libraries as the native code itself.
Cover all the life cycle of an app: From development, testing until production, thanks to tools such as Xamarin Test Cloud or Xamarin Insights.
Development for all devices: Xamarin allows you to develop applications for all types of devices with the same user experience, from smartphones, smartwatch to Smart TV.


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