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Arabic is gaining prominence across the globe, especially in the business environment given the fact that Arabic-speaking countries are major players in the global economy for multiple industries and sectors.
As a curious fact, Arabic is the official language of more than 20 countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and others that have experienced a huge growth in economic terms. Indeed, today the UAE is among the largest exporters and importers in the globe and the “Arab world” has a combined GDP of about USD $2.5 trillion, which makes it highly attractive when it comes to international trade.
Nowadays, the world economy is mainly oil centric and the sole authority of the oil market is the Arab world. Success in businesses linked to them requires the ability to understand and communicate using their language in order to build and maintain a long lasting relationship with the parties involved.
In addition, the Arabic-speaking countries have a rapidly emerging consumer base and represent potential trade prospects with high relevance and strong business partners, which attracts businesses looking to expand in a global scale.
Business Arabic is the branch of general studies of Arabic that has specialized vocabulary for the business environment. Apart from a good understanding of Arabic in general, it focuses on imparting knowledge of the special expressions, vocabulary and forms used and needed for international business relations; whether it is for oral or written communication.
In general terms, the focus of Business Arabic is on the skills that are applicable to the workplace and vocabulary that people use in meetings, negotiations, phone calls or other topics related to international trade relations.
According to experts, the importance of Arabic for businesses will continue to increase in the next years because the economy of the countries there has managed to diversify rapidly and offers multiple opportunities for international industries that seek to enter these growing markets.
Learning Arabic is now easier than ever with Wagner’s online courses that focus on developing and boosting language skills. The key to mastering Arabic for business situations is to immerse as much as possible in Arabic used in financial magazines, podcasts in Arabic about business, and other interactive ways. The Wagner courses focus on preparing students for real life situations with the support of a top notch digital platform and Arabic native tutors that guide students in listening, speaking, writing and reading.


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