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The success in content marketing relies, basically, in generating attraction and engagement. Different types of content require different characteristics. For example, expert technical content not only inform but also strengthen brand loyalty and perceived value. Among the materials that are ideal for technical approaches, whitepapers are some of the most used.

What is a whitepaper?

It’s a source of valuable technical content that intends to inform the reader on a specific topic. These authoritative documents combine research an expert knowledge. They allow the reader to understand a certain issue, solve a problem or make a decision.
Opposite to general marketing content, whitepapers contain high level of technical detail and may include how-to guides, visual diagrams, mathematical formulas, product feature and more.
For maximum impact it should be:
- Current
- Engaging
- Educational
- Actionable
To write a perfect whitepaper you should:

1. Focus on research
The selected topic must be comprehensively researched. Consider relevant information from industry resources, internal documents and relevant data. Remember all resources must come from authoritative sites.

2. Outline the content
Whitepapers need adequate detail, so outlining the content first is a good idea to keep in mind the most relevant sections to include such as Introduction, Challenge, Overview, Body, Conclusions and others you may want to consider.

3. Keep it problem-based and solution-focused
What makes whitepapers unique is that they should identify and address a particular problem, which needs to be timely and relevant in your field. You can focus on industry comparison, trends, changing techniques, common dilemmas, etc. Remember to propose a solution or recommendation to answer the problem.

4. Wait for your pitch
When writing a document about an industry trend, there is a temptation to dive in and explain how your company can address the topic right away. However, the trick is to resist the urge and focus on developing the subject with high levels of professionalism. Once you have presented all the information and data, you can mention some of your products but better do it in general terms instead of with a sales approach.

5. Review your work
Given the nature of whitepapers, they need to be as accurate and perfect as possible so before reviewing your draft, you should take a break and read it after a while, once you have thought about your audience and their interests, how familiar they can be with some technology you’re mentioning or with some vocabulary. It’s a good idea to read the content backwards during the edit process. Start with the last sentence and then read second to last. This way, you can catch missing commas, spelling errors, etc.

Now that the whitepaper is done, you can use it as a call-to-action for other marketing activities. It will help establish your reputation and leadership in the industry.

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