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Certain industries can rely on marketing strategies based on words (a great radio ad can do wonders) but others need visual elements to create an impact on their audiences. The fashion industry relies heavily in visual attraction to engage consumers, in fact as the absolute consideration. Love brand will enter for the eyes and it all depends on making the best of impressions.
Of course, a fashion designer will create wonderful clothing lines that will be sold by themselves because of their beauty. Apparently, anything else is necessary. However, if that amazing clothes aren’t adequately presented, they just won’t have the same impact. A good fashion catalog is the ideal frame to show those spring dresses and men suits that will mark the tendency of the year.
Your catalog is the single most important tool for generating revenue, communicating who you are and what you offer. Indeed, print catalogs, booklets and look books are still tried-and-tested tools for reaching customers directly and getting them excited about your brand. About 70% of shoppers agree that the catalog stimulates online purchases, and quality catalog design promotes approximately twice as much web page browsing at a company’s site. Especially in the fashion sector.
Wagner Consulting has a skilled team of graphic designers that is totally focused on creating the visual composition that will make your brand recognizable and loved by the audiences. This work includes a wide range of services, from logo creation to packaging design and, of course, all the supportive corporate or marketing elements. Whether in virtual or print versions, your brochures and catalogs are an important asset for any company to show customers its line of products.
Our designers use the catalog format to creative effect, enlivening layouts with artistic typography, zingy color and striking photography. Regarding the fashion industry, we will create a customized project that speaks for your brand. We also specialize in many different page dimensions and printing methods. We can custom design the project and provide a high resolution press-ready PDF. We can also organize the printing using our preferred suppliers if you do not have your own.
As catalogue design specialists, we use our design, copywriting and brand positioning skills to create exciting, new catalogues and stunning makeovers. Our prime focus is using all our expertise to give you a higher return on your investment. From initial concept through to exceptional project management, Wagner's attention to fine detail, we can deliver, whatever the circumstances.

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