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One of the many fields to which the translation industry devotes itself is Medicine. This applies to the translation of documents, manuals of medical devices, insurance documentation, medical bulletins, indications, reports and others.

Like other fields to which translation applies, Medicine has specific terminology that, despite its high technical content, presents its particularities according to the language in question, such as medical regulations and technical definitions adopted in each country that must be respected and/or taken into account, the existence or not of a specific term in a certain language, and from there, its adaptation to that language.

The cultural and historical aspects of the country in question are also important, since there are several differences in the medical field. For example, the differences between Western Medicine and Asian Medicine, which constitutes a cultural element to take into account when adapting a text. This and other aspects are addressed by linguists specialized in the area of ​​Medicine, who are familiar with the basic terminology used worldwide, as well as the regulations that must be taken into account.

This is why translation in the medical field requires specialized linguists in the area. This will guarantee a high quality product, which is crucial because it is a field that will ultimately affect the lives of human beings. Likewise, given the high sensitivity of translation in the medical sector, the industry requires translation companies that comply with the corresponding ISO certifications.

At Wagner we have specialized translators in the medical field, as well as an ISO certification that allows us to respond to the highest quality standards, adapted to the needs of our clients at an international level.

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