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Globalization has led to new challenges of companies doing business overseas. While many companies hire local staff, it is also a matter of speaking their language to navigate through complex negotiations or to make sure you are being told correctly what your customers or suppliers are telling you, without the need to employ an interpreter or solely relying on a new hired staff member in your new premises overseas.
You may come across many options, from self-learning modules to computerized version that you speak with an AI that hopefully pronounces the phrases and terms as they should be understood locally. We´d like to turn your attention to a personal experience with a classroom or one on one experience at Wagner Consulting´s online classroom.
Learning a language at Wagner Consulting´s Education & Training Division is just a few clicks away, and you can learn the new language, may it be Chinese, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic or any other world language, in the comfort of your office or home, while doing it at your terms and pace. While this is already great news, you will be surprised that you learn with a native speaker of the target language, have a real teacher and not a computer in front of you that helps you to evaluate your language skills and develops these language skills according to your needs.
How does this work? The first step is the simplest, get an overview of the course work we offer, and should you not find what you believe suitable for your needs, email us.
What happens next? One of our experts at our Language Learning Division will contact you and discuss with you where you are standing, doing an evaluation test for free and giving you different options that are tailored to your need. A manager who speaks already basic Chinese and is looking for Cultural Training for China will certainly be differently placed than a beginner or intermediate learner of Chinese, and we at Wagner Consulting pride ourselves to discuss with each of our studentstheir requirements, to come up with a solution that matches your needs. Our Team will also help you to sign you up for that specific program.
Once you are signed up, you will need to do a basic registration through our portal. Note down that User Name and chosen Password carefully, as you will later need it to log into your online classroom to participate in live trainings. These trainings are done with the latest video technology and you´ll get the feeling you are in a real classroom.
Some of our students love to learn in the comfort of their couch being in their PJs, so as they do, you have also the option to leave your camera turned off.
Using the online classroom is included in the fee of the training course. When you are successfully registered, you´ll meet your teacher who will be studying with you. You´ll get introduced and receive their contact information as well as learning material for you to review before and after each class.
You´ll also discuss your schedule with the teacher and get support throughout your learning experience by email, and direct access to the teacher panel.
During your upcoming lessons you´ll simply login to your classroom, just like walking through a door and wait till the teacher appears to start the lesson. While our course work is structured so that you can prepare, feel free to ask questions by raising your hand (you do not need to really raise your hand, we have a button to press that will simulate this) and participate actively in developing your language skills.
Just a few weeks later your family or business colleagues will be impressed about the progress you are undergoing and in no time you´ll be comfortable applying your newly learnt language with others.
Interested in experiencing a comfortable learning experience that will boost your language skills by using the latest technology with a human touch? Contact us today! We are excited to having you in our next classes.

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If you wish to receive a detailed offer on or consultation
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