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Thanks to the Audiovisual Revolution, there are now available many interesting media alternatives and technologies aiming to improve the way companies produce and distribute their content among their stakeholders. Just like globalization has encourage brands to constantly renew and adapt in order to satisfy new and vast markets, the audiovisual age has also changed the way brands approach their audiences.

Audiovisuals play a fundamental role in the business world. In fact, corporate videos, for example, are very useful instruments to promote a company's products or services just as its own corporate culture, inside and outside the organization. Moreover, the audiovisual pieces are a really important step in the establishment of a digital community interested in a brand’s content strategies.

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Social Media improvements are the new best allies for companies and single entrepreneurs to broadcast their messages. Applicable to any niche market or target audience.

Audiovisuals have undoubtedly helped the companies to upgrade the way they deliver and receive an information. They have turned the traditional communicational channels into a more complete and interesting window for the audiences to interact.

In fact, since business leaders and marketers always need to hear and analyze the feedback about their work and new projects, an efficient way is through audiovisuals tools. There are apps, softwareand networks that allow CEOs to check out images or graphic descriptions about the progress of their campaigns and business operations, just as the tracking of the feedback coming from their internal and external audiences.

In conclusion, the new audiovisual productions are necessary to expose a topic or present a product with much more objectivity, creativity, and in a completely clear and accessible way for all users. Plus, it stimulates much more the interest of the audiences, as they are able to generate relevant and valuable insights and not only to receive information from an emitter.

Even today, audiovisual productions are not considered an effective tool for marketing purposes of firms. However, their importance is crucial in companies dedicated to advertising. They offer an efficient way to help brands to stick in the subconscious of people, offering an astonishing and frequently transmitted content. So, the effort and investment are totally worth it.

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