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Today we live in an era where digital is of great importance. The actions we did before such as paying bills, listening to music, watching television and even studying, can now be done online with just one click.
With the idea of improving our lives with the Internet, a lot of companies have had to move their services to it.
This is where the idea and the important development of the tutorial videos come from.
A video tutorial consists of showing a series of steps that increase the level of difficulty and understanding. For this reason, it is better to follow the tutorials in their logical sequence so that the user understands all the components. A course is a short course on any subject.
In fact, many companies make this type of material so that users can learn more about the product and learn how to use it.

But why are tutorial videos so important today?
This type of video is what you can’t miss in your content creation strategy so that your customers learn quickly about your product and want to use it.
With the tutorials, you can achieve greater reach and connection - committed users, newcomers, or even experienced ones will benefit and find something to learn.
The sooner your potential customers can understand how your product or service is used, you will have greater and faster chances of approaching them to the purchase instance.
It is also proof that your product really works. Surely you will gain more credibility for your brand because you can demonstrate everything related to your product.
Another important advantage is the possibility of generating a spiral effect, where your own users start creating homemade tutorials on how to use your product or service.
Now, how can you make one successful video tutorial?
First, you have to structure your content and always start with the basics. As an opening, it is essential to tell your audience what they will learn with the tutorial.
Divide your information into a logical progression. How do you complete a task from start to finish? This should be achievable within a reasonable time, with 3-4 minutes being the maximum time desired.
Keep your images and sound clear, give concise and simple examples.
This may seem like it does not have much science, but you will see that you will have to repeat your steps because they were not as simple as you expected.
Having said that, be sure to rehearse what you are teaching so that communication flows.
Silence is forbidden! Use a voiceover (yours included) to explain each step.
It helps to incorporate new concepts and turns your efforts into something more valuable for a new user.
You can use microphones like Zoom or Tascam to record a voice, or there are even certain cell phones that have good sound recorders!
If you want to record and use an integrated microphone from your computer using screenshots, a great tool for this is called Jing.
You can also use Audacity, a practical program that includes free audio recording and editing from your computer's desktop.

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