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The Chinese language is one of the top languages of the world with a vast community of nearly 900 million native-speakers.

Not only that but also China is expanding its global influence and commercial power thanks to the revival of the ancient Silk Road –through the Belt and Road Initiative-. The power of China culture, politics, language, and even sports seems to have ahead a golden future.

That is why, along with the English and Spanish, Chinese is the language of the future.

Well, it can be the language of the next generations and everything you want, yet it is considered one of the hardest languages to learn. The reason why is because Mandarin Chinese, the most common Chinese language, is a tonal language that has various tones that can change the words' meaning, plus thousands of characters -over 20,000-. For that reason, it can overwhelm any new linguistic apprentice.

These are the best low-cost alternatives to master Mandarin Chinese before taking a trip to China:

1) Ensure a high exposure to the Mandarin Chinese. Some free alternatives include podcasts, YouTube tutorials, and watching local TV shows and movies.

For some of the people that have mastered Chinese, the fact of listening for a couple of hours each day any kind of Chinese conversations helped them to get used to the pronunciation in a more friendly way than straight reading.

Furthermore, dictation can add a little bit more of spice to the listening sessions.

2) The “Hanyu Pinyin” is a great tool for startups, especially the ones that come from western cultures, like the students that come from the United States.

Hanyu is a transcription system of the Chinese language. It helps to master the traditional Chinese characters, that is why it is catalogued as a linguistic bridge between cultures.

The idea is to progressively eliminate the dependence of the Pinyin as the weeks goes by and the first immersion is completed.

3) Read and write a lot. Focusing on the memorization of the characters and their composition from best seller books is a great start. Then, the idea is to concentrate on the grammar and the proper use of characters by reading as much as the student can. That goes from any kind of technical glossaries, eBooks, whitepapers, blogs, informal texts, history books, even comic books.

Flashcards are also a creative and entertaining method to learn Chinese.

4) Discover the best courses online. Wagner Consulting LLC offers the best e-learning solutions. They offer online tailor-made courses so even the most exigent students can master Chinese, as well as English, Spanish, German, and Russian, learning from the best native-speaker level teachers. Students can master Business Communication styles, perfect their vocabulary at the online Speaking Club or attend to pre-intermediate lessons.

Nowadays, in order to become a successful linguistic service provider, marketer, or copywriter it is necessary to know several languages. Learning different tongues allows the professional to become versatile and mentally polyvalent as he/she will earn a wider cultural perception that nurtures the mentioned disciplines' performance.

Particularly the Chinese language, due to its four main tones and one neutral tone, different written characters, and many more elements, offers to any kind of student unique life experience that is the reflection of a 3500-year-old culture.


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