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When it comes to trends, the key is to observe consumers very well, review new technologies and find the tools that are changing the way consumers interact with each other and with brands.

In a world so connected but also rushed, it is important to keep up with the trends that develop around. It is important that every entrepreneur and business professional be aware of the changes that are coming in this new year.

These are the main advantages of knowing what the immediate future will bring us to the marketing sector:

  • Being up to date with the news helps define the most appropriate strategy.
  • Develop an online marketing plan with all the necessary actions, prioritizing the most important.
  • Determinate the economic and material resources that will be needed in next year’s budget, based on the information of the new trends.
  • They help us to go one step ahead of the competition.

These are the trends that every company should adopt to succeed in the digital world:

Video marketing

Everything indicates that in later years, the use of video in marketing campaigns will be intensified and developed. The incorporation of a new specific application for video functions in HubSpot, one of the worldwide reference platforms of online marketing, is a very clear clue that demonstrates the growing importance of this format in digital marketing.

Incorporation of IGTV in Instagram

With more than 4 million daily interactions and with average participation that exceeds Facebook by more than 23%, Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing channels in the digital world for years.

In order to strengthen its prominence, a few months ago the Instagram social network launched IGTV, its new video platform dedicated exclusively to mobile users, since its reproduction is vertical and, therefore, totally suitable for viewing on small smartphone screens.

One of the main novelties of the new IGTV channel is that it allows publishing videos of long format, which allows the implementation of more complex strategies that go one step further than the Instagram Stories ads.

Chatbots in marketing automation

Chatbots can be considered as another part of marketing automation, since they allow simulating conversations with customers automatically, progressively achieving greater perfection through the use of artificial intelligence computer systems.

Its basic beginnings of the beginning are giving way to a remarkable development of this system that, possibly, will have been perfected in 2019 allowing advantages such as:

  • Cost savings in customer service personnel.
  • More efficient and agile interaction with the client.
  • They can become systems with which some customers feel more comfortable.

Influencer Marketing

The influencers are the celebrities or celebrities of the virtual world. Your channels on YouTube or Instagram have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and loyal followers.

They are characterized by having great charisma and magnetism, being able to generate opinion and create trends. Therefore, the simple appearance of some of them with a pledge of a specific brand can increase sales due to the imitation effect of many of their followers. And the same goes for a good review of an article or service.

Increased use of mobile devices

The progressive increase in the use of the smartphone to access the different web pages, gradually displacing the desktop PC as a form of priority connection, is not in itself a novelty. However, when defining web design and content strategies for the coming years, a series of data cannot be ignored:

  • 90% of the members of the millennial generation, a very consumerist age group, are online via daily and almost uninterrupted.
  • Although the use of the desktop to buy online or fill out lead conversion forms is still the majority, 40% of brand ambassadors (influential users who recommend and criticize products) already use the smartphone to buy.

If we want to have an important presence in the digital world, it is important to stay informed about the new marketing trends that are developed, not only to keep up to date, but also to be able to incorporate them into our marketing strategies. The knowledge of trends gives us a favorable advantage over the competition and helps us stand out from others.





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