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Pain in the waist? Toothache? flu or cough? So, it's time to visit your doctor. It is always recommended that if you feel any of these symptoms in your body, it is better not to extend the time to visit the doctor.

However, if you go to a hospital and you are not convinced of his response, you can start to look at where is the best doctor for your illnesses. And if some of your friends tell you that there is a better hospital outside the country, then you decide to take your bags and leave.

You arrive at the recommended hospital and you see nurses going from one place to another. You go to the counter and ask everything you need to get your health checkups.

You enter into the exam room and the doctor starts talking to his assistants in another language. You just look at them and you feel a little scared. Then, you calm down, knowing that they will do a good job. After that, the doctor asks you to stand up, he weighs you, he measures your pressure, he opens your mouth and he puts a flashlight in your eyes. While all this happens the nurse is writing everything in her notebook. When they finish doing all the checkups they ask you to leave the room and wait.

You are waiting and from the distance of the hallway, you see a person approaching. You stay watching and as it gets closer you have the feeling that it is going towards your direction. "It seems to be the nurse who attended me,” you think. As the person approaches, you see a sheet in his hand. "Yes, is the nurse, and she has my results,” you say. Suddenly, the nurse extends her hand and gives you the sheet, nod her head and she goes.

And almost without thinking twice you start to see the sheet... "What, what is this? This makes no sense," you say. Seeing a lot of lines, full of symbols or letters that seem to have no direction,” and you start to rotate the sheet as if you have suddenly forgotten how to hold one. "I don't understand anything it says here,” you say.

You don’t have to worry! Perhaps this was the experience of some of our clients. Since then, we are pleased to receive their requirements for translation of medical prescriptions, lists of medicines, invoices and more. Allow us to take care of your prescriptions in other languages and avoid having a headache.



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