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It is easy to recognize good content when we read it. Copy is undeniably everywhere, brands hire skilled copywriters to create blogs, advertisements, product descriptions, catalogs, brochures, and website, but what does it take to be a good copywriter?

A good copywriter must be able to accomplish different tasks and be multidisciplinary. Copywriters that perform their job to the optimal level have to master skills in different areas and know how and when to apply them because there are not always two clients requesting the same job.

Here you can find ten of the most essential skills a copywriter should have.

  1. Finds connections and adds value: a good copywriter is able to find connections between the product or service it is promoting and the audience, appealing to the emotions and prompting the interest of them through the enhancement of the product in regards of its competition and the market.
  1. Writes compelling and attractive headlines for its work: writing powerful headlines is a job on its own, it is not always easy to create a headline that will become a success among readers. These bits of copy are powerful tools to attract audiences. A wasted headline can be a waste of all the efforts done by the copywriter. Have in mind that five times more people tend to read only the headlines instead of the body copy, in addition heat maps typically indicate that people pay attention to pictures and headlines.
  1. Creativity: the creation of new ideas is innate, solves problems and evokes emotions in a unique way while incorporating its own style. But not only that, it is also able to reinvent products and services giving them a new feel. Furthermore, copywriters should also have a pinch of curiosity as this allows them to discover features, benefits and unique selling points of the product or service they are writing about.
  1. Adaptability: copywriters must be chameleons, ready to adapt to the environment in which the product or service is in. At the same time, they must be flexible with their own ideas and be able to direct the content they are creating to the expectations of each brand.
  1. Awareness of user experience: copywriting should be aware of user experience, the way someone interacts with, feels about and uses your website. It describes the overall interaction between human and website, and it impacts content, design, conversions, search, and everything in between. Then copy can influence how a user experiences the content.
  1. Every copywriter need to have good research Skills: a copywriter must have plenty of resources to use, no matter the topic. In the digital era, most of the resources will come from the web, there are plenty of research databases that can be trusted, but copywriters can also look into printed sources such as magazines, reference books, novels, newspapers, among others. A good copywriter is internet-savvy, he or she knows how to search for things on Google properly, what keywords to use and look for, and how to get the most out of the results in search engines.
  1. Versatility: it is not the same writing for a blog post than creating appealing 140-character tweets. Copywriters must be able to write for different media and attract the attention of the audiences. Versatile writers read all sorts of things from newspapers, novels, history, and anything that becomes available. Versatility also comes in terms of voice, you can shuffle from a conversational style to a technical or formal style. Also, writers should be comfortable with the concept of a hard sales pitch or “boring” assignments. However, this is not always easy and practice makes the expert. Just by writing you can get comfortable in any voice or form.
  1. Writing copy with empathy: copywriters can explore different feelings when writing, they can explore feelings of happiness, sadness, failure, fears, and beliefs always trying to touch a reader on an emotional level, this may increase the likelihood of the reader to follow the call-to-action at the end of the copy. Empathy can always enhance the effectiveness of copy exponentially.
  1. Copywriters can specialize in a field and make this a skill to explode in the market: while some writers can learn quickly about an industry and produce expert-level content, optimal content creation is possible from someone who has deep experience within the field. Becoming an expert in any field brings experience and with it more work.
  1. Flawless writing skills: Variety, proper grammar and no spelling mistakes, are the perfect mix. Texts are interesting, organized and simple to read keeping the reader’s interest and producing more compelling and persuasive final products. Likewise, copywriters can create easy to read content, select vocabulary for specific content and audiences, correct style, proofread, develop an attention-grabbing opening, and make a complex topic simple.

Here at Wagner, our copywriters stand out for having these skills and wide digital knowledge, whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up, SMEs, multinational, or an NGO you can always rely on us and our team of copywriters to boost your products and services.




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