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Some will argue that your web visitors are like wild animals, which basically means they’re hunting for information or a product to buy— the same way a hungry panther hunts for his next meal. Those who claim your web content should be an easy bait for predators will offer a rapid production of the usual lines you always find among your competitors. After all, the panther is only hungry, not looking for an exquisite taste.

Others will advise you against being too creative or clever so you can easily catch the attention of the reader. The important thing is to keep it simple, right? Well, in a way this is true but under a deeper approach it all depends on the level of creativity you add. When excessive simplicity makes you look exactly the same as all the other companies out there, what is the point?

While there are some well-known “best practices” for content creators with premises such as “keep it short”, “write meaningful headlines”, “use lists” and others, in reality these tips are not enough to position a brand.

In fact, though these basic rules are helpful, they are too repeated. By applying them, content writers usually generate ‘empty content’, which could be defined as the one with impactful words that say very little, just like the nutritional content in junk food.

A new perspective on web content writing involves more than only the correct application of standardized practices. It is required to break some rules, to innovate.

It’s true that web readers don’t read, which is the reason why creating texts for printed materials (like corporate reports) is not the same than writing for web users who look for a service or product. Many studies have stated that web readers only scan and only 16% of users actually read the entire content (yes, the new studies have only confirmed the numbers of 1997).

Creating effective content

The first step is to really know your client. Not only what do he offers but he works. Not only who are their audiences but how chose him. Not only why is he different from the competition but what are his new plans.

Many content creators only visit the old website to get the idea and start writing the new one with an identical idea but using synonyms. That’s just not right! If the client wants you to create a new personality, please don’t adhere to something old.

A real tailor-made content takes into consideration many factors, including the human aspects behind the company. What was the owner dreaming of when he first started? How does the client feel when he makes a purchase? It’s not just creativity but also a bit of heart.

At Wagner Consulting, a team of expert copywriters will create relevant content that your audience wants to read. With deep research at the forefront, they will write with purpose and be able to position your firm.  



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