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Welcome to our first issue! As part of our own growth, we’re excited to launch this inaugural Newsletter. Every month we will bring the freshest information regarding our services and those news that are of interest to you. We have signed you up in the hopes that you will find great value in its content and that it will aid you in your own goals to grow and thrive.

With each passing year, businesses change, and for Wagner Consulting this means the beginning of a new stage with the expansion of our services to be able to cover all your communication needs. In fact, Wagner offers comprehensive services for your business, so you don’t have to worry about them. Keep reading to know them!

We expand our services

Aware of the importance of providing integral solutions for your company or venture, we have launched a new stage of our professional work incorporating the necessary services for the success of your business:

• Copywriting, which includes editing and proofreading • Graphic Design • Audio & Video • Social Media

With this in addition to our existing multilingual communication solutions we open our activities to other industries and provide academic writing, journalistic solutions and marketing miracles. Our new services range from creative writing to 3D animations, and we are excited that our first roll-out of such additional services has been greatly accepted among our partners, who started to actively be using these services.
This comes at no surprise since they feel certain that a great copywriting work, which includes content strategy and visually dynamic elements, actually helps them discover and produce their strongest possible marketing message. We think beyond mere tools and tactics and create detailed information architecture, which efficiently drive consumers to designated conversion points.
Our vision remains to be a one-stop service provider with a focus on inhouse created solutions, covering a 360° spectrum of communication and advertising solutions, setting new trends and being of support to larger and smaller partners alike, helping them to achieve their goals and continuously be able to grow their business´.
As a Wagnerian, we are used to work closely together and this allows us to create powerful content that will allow our partners to reach their audience and turn them into clients.


Learn more about our new divisions:

- We can boost your company to a new level with our copywriting services

- Advantages of a Copywriting team

- Social Media is the most effective way to communicate with our audiences

- How Social Media is becoming a Marketing tool for the Travel & Tourism industry

- Discover the Graphic Design services Wagner has for you

- Video marketing is the tool your business needs

Of course, we are still pretty much motivated in the translation work, especially when it comes to such fun projects as the one we will talk about next.


A Project We Really Loved Working On!

Being in love with your work means you are enjoying every day! At Wagner we are excited to work on your projects and our motivation is seeing great comments or smiles from our partners, who enjoy our services. But as you can imagine, there are some projects that you keep remembering about, usually something that we associate with some emotions or that truly challenges us.

This week we had the fun to work on a project that involved a translation of a meat product, being more specifically sausages, ham and flange, and our task was to translate it into 5 languages, to put our partners clients into the pleasure of being able to enjoy this product as much as already a large client base in France is doing. Or how our Project Team calls it – a “delicious project!”.

The source text was written like a poem, who wanted to create not only a product, but an homage to delicacies, and on top of this it was in French, the language that can actually turn even rough language into nice sounding words, that sound like a song to most of us. Target for this homage of food were the UK and USA (British English, US English), China (Chinese: Simplified & Traditional), Vietnam (Vietnamese) and Korea (Korean).

During this translation we were confronted with a few difficulties, which were not related to any formatting work, but to ascertain that the poem of a product description with associated recipes is correctly translated to the target text, making sure that the flaw of the source is kept while adapting this to culturally very diverse target markets. In addition, we were asked to create a “cooking glossary” that people in the target markets would like to try, challenging us to not only adapt it culturally, but providing the “foodie” with a great first and foremost appealing experience, pulling him into our spell of magic!

The local feedback of our partner´s in these target countries was rather great, leaving them with empty plates and sold out products! The Wagnerians were just a bit sad, seeing their service disappear into thin air without having had the chance to try it – or better disappearing into the bellies of some famous chefs!


Arabic translation needs? Think of Wagner!

We are not just in love with delicious food but also with all languages, and Arabic is one of our big loves! Providing now since many years Arabic translation services, we have been helping many partners with their Arabic language needs, typesetting services or interpreting solutions, yet some of our partners still do not know that we offer these services inhouse.

We provide linguistic solutions in hundreds of different languages, and Arabic is one of the main languages in the world of business, as well as at Wagner´s. With two divisions of native inhouse speakers, we always make sure quality is top. No matter what service you request into Arabic!
In fact, Arabic is spoken by 420 million speakers worldwide and it’s the official language of 28 different countries, including many of the most dynamic, growing economies in the Middle East and Africa.

Although we usually translate from English/German into Arabic, we cover different Arabic dialects, such as the Lebanese, Egyptian, Emarti and many more! All of them have interesting historical and cultural backgrounds. For instance, Hassaniya language was spoken by the Beni Hassān Bedouin tribes in Southeastern and Western Sahara since the 15th century.

Arabic Language: Meet Our Arabic Team

If you need Arabic translations, you know who to call.



We are specialists plus versatile translators

If you have a medical condition, you´ll call a doctor to make an appointment. When your house needs some fresh paint, well some of us do it themselves, but others call a professional painter. This is common sense for us, and it would not pop to any of our minds to approach anyone that is not practicing as a doctor or who has not worked proving professional work as a painter, right? A similar situation is working with a translator, although many believe that any person speaking another language can translate to and from this language, but truth told, this is not the case. Wagner prides themselves with having not only great inhouse translators among their team, but making sure that industry specialist who know what you are talking about, are actually executing your projects.

Recently, our English Division at Wagner translated 60 really interesting books about religious topics from French to American English. This project of more than 200,000 words was carried out by our inhouse staff of translators who make up the English Division, with some of the team being bilingual in French and English (while English is their native language). Religious texts are very delicate, requiring a strong knowledge in specific terminology, consistency throughout the text and a linguist that knows the nuances of such a project. Translating books is a challenge itself, and doing this in a religious environment doesn´t make things easier, and after some terminology discussion with the English community we got their blessing and approval!

Who needs a break after such great news, one of our legal partners approached our English Division, asking for a complete different service: translation of legal documents – RUSH! Another team member in the English Division jumped right on it, as our partner had a pressing deadline and we couldn´t, no we wouldn´t want to let them down! Knowing our partner, we new that he needed them not only fast, but they were “complex” and with complex we mean very complicated. Taking this into consideration, we already lined up an inhouse editor, and planned for a night shift between pizza, ice cream and deciphering legal language, as the documents needed to be provided the following morning. Right at sunset we got the approval (and the pizza), turning around a ready to serve delivery with sunset, putting yet another smile (or relieve) on the face of our partner. Inside the team, we were also really glad because Legal translation is one of our passions, sure thing!

Then, we had to run to the airport because we didn’t want to miss the GALA’s event!


We attended the GALA Conference in Boston, Massachusetts

Wagner Consulting recently took part of the Globalization and Localization´s (“GALA’s”) annual event “The Language of Business, the Business of Language”, an occasion to see some familiar faces, reconnect with industry friends and connect to new partners. We really enjoyed spending time with our GALA friends, especially connecting again in such a great city as Boston.

While Boston experienced a blizzard, the industry experts at GALA created their own fun and heated discussion during sessions of the conference, discussing industry trends, important topics in our profession and other industry related matters. Some of the discussions included cultural adaptation and how technology plays a key role for results in high level of precision environments, or about Video-Localization, the technique of synchronizing subtitles with the image of a video for efficient translation work, which has also the chance to develop into other new technological directions. But every night the discussions were put aside and friendship was celebrated.

GALA’s 10th Conference, held in Boston from March 13th to March 16th, a great networking event, was also a formidable opportunity to keep up to date with the current linguistic tendencies. Thank you everyone for enjoying this time with us! We surely will already note down next-years event in Munich! See you there!

In the meantime…

Before Munich there’s a lot to do! We will be working, or more precisely, happily collaborating with our partners, and successfully completing projects which are always diverse and exciting.
For now, we thank you for joining us in this new adventure. Every month we will feature a different service, great deal or project. If you would like to be featured here, send us a note!
You can also share this newsletter with interested colleagues. And of course, as we want this newsletter to be valuable for you, feel free to share your thoughts with us. key-account@wagner-international.com


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