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Wagner Consulting International is where you can find the most qualified and experienced translator for languages spoken in African and Asian region. Hausa is one of the most popular languages in Africa. We offer professional Hausa translation services whether you need a text translated from Hausa to any other language or any other language to Hausa. We serve a multitude of industries and provide translation for various types of text including legal document or books.

A Little About Hausa

Hausa is considered to be among the most commonly understood and spoken languages in Africa. It is a diverse language that carries influence of Arabic, French, and even English. According to the stats, it is spoken by 52 million people, 18 million of which speak it as a second language. Hausa is more common in Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, and the Ivory Coast. Since these countries are continuously attracting international attention due to investment opportunities, businesses today are looking for ways to reach out to the market without any language barriers.

Why Us?

When it comes to business outreach, quality of communication is extremely important. Wagner Consulting International provides you the best way to communicate and connect on a level your prospects can relate to. Employing a language they understand is the best way to go about it.

Working with professional linguists and translator, we help you translate any text from any language including English to Hausa or Hausa to any other language. We promise a high quality translation service that does not compromise the grammar, the quality, or the context of the original text. To further ensure the highest level of satisfaction, we conduct complete editing and proofreading before delivering the final text.