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Shona is the language of the Shona people in Zimbabwe. Wagner Consulting International holds pride in being one of the leading Shona translation service providers for clients ranging from large corporations to academic institutes and public sector. We boast a large team of linguists qualified to provide Shona translation into nearly 100 different languages including English, French, German, Arabic, etc. We also provide translation of these languages into Shona language – a service critical for international businesses expanding their outreach to Zimbabwe.

A Little About Shona

With more than 8 million speakers, Shona language is spoken not only in Zimbabwe but also in other Southern African countries like Mozambique and Botswana. Like most of the languages spoken in the region, Shona is also a variant of the Bantu Language. It has a number of dialects including Karanga, Korekore, and Manyika. Including the people who use a different dialect of Shona, the number of speaker’s goes up to 14 million, making it one of the most popular languages in Africa. One interesting fact about the language is a whistling sound that comes from Shona’s unique set of phonetics.

Why Us?

As popular as it is, Shona is a complex language. It takes a highly qualified and experiences linguists to provide Shona translation without losing the context and essence of the document. At Wagner Consulting International, we proudly boast a team of the most reliable and qualified resources with years of experience under their belt. Most importantly, we have a diverse team with in-depth understanding of your specific industry and its unique requirements. From technical terms to legal jargons, our Shona translators have complete grasp over the language.


So, whether you are an individual or a corporation, Wagner Consulting International is the team you can depend on.