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Wagner Consulting International selects its linguists very carefully: every linguist undergoes several tests prior to their engagement in real multi-lingual projects. The linguists not only have degrees in the translation science, but also are native speakers of the language with extensive knowledge in the requested area of expertise. 

Native Speaker Principle

Wagner Consulting International translations follow one principle: all work must be done only by native speakers. This means that every linguist translates languages in which he/she grew-up and, speaks as a mother-tongue. This ensures that unique language and cultural differences are taken into account in translating projects.

Translation Optimized For Target Groups

Wagner Consulting International clients come from different industries, and every industry has its own specific way of communicating. Wagner Consulting International not only respects their way of communication, but also adapts it correctly and efficiently. Technical product documentation has to meet requirements that differ from those of a press release or a medical translation. Wagner Consulting International aids companies and businesses in implementing their translation needs the best way possible for their given target audience.