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What is Website Globalization?

Website globalization refers to companies being able to significantly increase the return on their existing investments in infrastructure, content development, engineering and general marketing activities. The main goal of successful website globalization is to provide access to the content and functionality of the site to visitors from other target markets and, in their own languages. Globalized websites improve visitors' experiences and chances of them staying on the site, thus, fulfilling the main purpose of the site itself, whether it is marketing, providing information or, buying online.

Web content should not only be translated, but should also be localized appropriately for the market in question. We offer extensive multilingual solutions in more than 120 languages and we help in preparations to reach new markets by offering everyone the following services:

  • Translation of web application user interfaces
  • Multi-lingual website maintenance and update management
  • Graphic design location
  • Internationalization of websites
  • Testing localized websites
  • Translation and adaptation of web content

We will evaluate the requirements for web localization according to the technology used to manage web content and publish the website, the type of web content that will be located and, the permanent requirements for updating and maintaining the website. Using this information, you can create and implement a localization plan.