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The business world continuously grows closer together, thus the average requirements in business also rise. Because of this, difficulties are often experienced when dealing in different languages in business which is a part of everyday life. With the expansion of the European Union, business requirements increase and the need for foreign language grows, needing therefore, experienced interpreters, evermore.

Wagner Consulting International provides business support in negotiations, conventions, conferences and other events, where people from diverse nationalities and languages take part. Through the use of highly qualified interpreters, companies can ensure that which they are trying to convey, is understood.

Wagner Consulting International consecutive interpreters enjoy great popularity. Interpreters translate conversations to the required language once the speaker finishes. This type of interpreting is implemented particularly in negotiations, conferences and increasingly, and in conventions too. Also on offer are simultaneous interpreters, on request. Here, the speakers’ monologues are carried over, parallel with the most modern technology via headphones, to the listeners. This type of interpreting is often seen on television when foreign guests are interviewed.

The language interpreting services offered are provided by fluent or native speakers, who have more than an apt command of English as well as other languages. No matter the target language required, the diversity of multilingual interpreters in Wagner Consulting International’s workforce ensures every project is possible.