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To most people, an eBook is something you download to read while relaxing on a beach. But for marketers an eBook is an opportunity to give detailed insight on an area of expertise, enhance their reputation and most importantly to generate new leads.

Marketing eBooks are most commonly seen in the pdf or HTML5 format as they don’t require specialist software in order to read them. This helps to maximize the audience for your book as you won’t be excluding anyone who doesn’t own an eBook reader.

Either for business-to-business or business-to-consumer purposes, an eBook builds a leadership image for your brand while helping to generate leads and engagement. With concise writing as well as an attractive design which includes plenty of infographics and other visual storytelling tools to ensure reader’s delighted attention throughout the entire document, your eBook will guarantee your current and potential customers a deeper knowledge about some topic regarding your field of expertise.

Differences between a normal eBook and a Marketing one

The primary difference between a marketing eBook and a traditional eBook is the price tag. For the most part, marketers don’t ask for payment in exchange for their book – instead, a simple email address will suffice. This works out well for everyone – the reader gets quality content for free and the author gets a new email address for future marketing campaigns.

Marketing eBooks are primarily used as learning aids and so they should be visually engaging, with imagery to help soften the content and explain complicated ideas. In contrast, traditional eBooks are mostly text-based with little in the way of superfluous design or decoration.

Wagner has the writer you need

We have developed eBooks for all kind of industry sectors no matter the size of the company, and we will be happy to work with you as well.

The process starts with the analysis of the existing eBooks from your competitors, followed by a huge amount of research on the selected topic and interviews with your experts. We will then create the written content tailored to your specific brand guidelines, taking in consideration both the general marketing strategy and the eBook informative goals.

As we always do at Wagner, the writer will be industry-focused, meaning he or she has experience and knowledge in your field. We also take care of the design and distribution in Social Media channels, so you can rely on us for the entire process.

And don’t worry, we work as ghostwriters so you will appear as the author of the eBook. Your satisfaction will be ours.



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