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Tourism, by its very nature and as one of the most successful industries nowadays, has a constant need for quality translation. With millions of travelers planning their trips online and due to the diversity of cultures and languages, localization of content is key for an effective communication with tourists.



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Wagner Consulting has now included Travel & Tourism in its industry solution services to provide solutions for tour operators and sector businesses, who can rely on professional translations to welcome people from all over the world.

Hotel, airports, restaurants, museums, theme parks, car rental companies, B&Bs, local organizations, and many others can benefit from our services, which also include transcreation, subtitling and voice-over, among others.

Our native-speaker translators are not only proficient in the specialist terminology of the Travel industry, they are vastly experienced in the field. The way the information is translated means that it can convey tone and mood, and inspire the reader to go on holiday – without losing any of its accuracy in terms of content.


Both digital and printed materials require specific approach, and we are here to help you deliver your brand message in your unique style of communication, remaining consistent across the different languages at all times.


We are able to deliver the two types of translation needed in the Travel & Tourism industry: the one aiming to tourists or end clients and the professional communication for tourism providers, containing very specialized terminology.

We handle high volume projects for translating:

• Brochures & catalogs • Travel guides & town maps • Menus & hotel information • Marketing documents for touristic campaigns
• Complete websites • Travel blogging & literature • and many more

Should you have any doubt or query, you can contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.



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