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French Translators

Online experts identify the French language as the World Wide Web’s third most used language amidst some of the largest economies in Europe. This language is predicted to have stable growth for years to come. Brussels, which is known as Europe’s capital, is rapidly increasing its use of the Internet at the rate of 48%, and Canada is also amongst the countries with high level of internet usage along with high disposable income. All of these facts make French, a highly important language and at Wagner Consulting International, we have French translators that know the language inside out!

Our fields of expertise include a vast range of topics like Zoology, Chemistry, Taxation, Real Estate and a lot more. English to French translators at Wagner Consulting International are not only experts at both the languages but also have a deep understanding of the fields that they have proficiency in.

The Importance of French

Along with having around 105 million native speakers, it is also spoken as a second language by nearly 190 million people all across the globe. After English, it is the most highly learnt foreign language. Numerous international organizations and United Nations agencies have French as an official language. Research approximates show that by the year 2050, French will be represented by 7 percent of the global population.

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Along with being available 7 days a week, we ensure client satisfaction at all phases of the translation process and guarantee the highest quality of work by our French translators. Contact us for any queries or quotations.