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Dear Business Partner,

We are sure you must receive hundreds of advertisements, marketing letters or other marketing documents each day from competitors who would like to advertise their services to you. We hope to stand out from these offers, which is why we do without a lot of advertising and marketing. We prefer to convince you by means of the quality of our services. Here are a few quick facts:

Our employees receive continuous training, in that:

  • We work with in-house translators, which means they work full time for our company and our clients
  • We have our own IT department
  • Quality is our highest priority
  • Our services are insured - worldwide

This information should give you a good idea about our employees and our company.

We and our employees look forward to supporting you with your future projects whether they involve localization, patent registration, globalization or internationalization of your organization or your products.

We see you as partners, and look forward to a professional and goal-orientated dialogue with your organization.


Best regards,


President, Wagner Consulting LLC