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Tigrinya is a language spoken mainly in the Somalian Peninsula, or the Horn of Africa as it is popularly called. Understanding the prevailing popularity of Tigrinya, Wagner Consulting International offers the most reliable Tigrinya translation services mainly targeted towards multinational corporations and international businesses. However, we also cater to the needs of clients outside the corporate sector such as educational institutes, law firms, and numerous public sector companies. We have a team of Tigrinya translators and linguists with not just the knowledge of the language but also an understanding of your particular market.

A Little About Tigrinya

Tigrinya is mostly spoken in Ethiopia. Like most Ethiopian languages, it has Afro-asiatic roots. It is the language of the ethnic group, Tigray-Tigrinya. Official data states that there are currently 6.9 million speakers of the language all across Africa, most of them residing near the Horn of Africa. Structure wise, Tigrinya is considered a very complex language. The complexity makes it essential for the translator to have in-depth understanding of Tigrinya and the other language involved in translation.

Why Us?

Deep technical understanding of the languages is what sets Wagner Consulting International apart in this industry. With great command over more than a hundred languages, we help our clients reach out to the people of the region in the most effective and engaging manner. We work with qualified professional translators with a reputation for providing highest quality in the shortest of time. We add value to their work through our extensive editing and proofreading, and our competitive rates are icing on top.


Get your text translated into Tigrinya or from Tigrinya to English or any other language.