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Is your business looking for quick, smart and accurate bids or tender translation services? Look no further. Well, Wagner Consulting International takes great pride in offering businesses qualified and professional translations using specialized linguistic teams.

In an age where time is money, Wagner Consulting International steps in as a main solution provider globally, ensuring that each business receives the right and timely translation services it needs, helping customers to progress, in turn getting more business for both us and they. With over a decade’s experience, we have helped thousands of businesses all over the world accurately translate documents and bids to desired languages, successfully, easily and affordably.

Why is Wagner Consulting International The No. 1 Choice For Businesses?

Because we understand the need for quality work and fast delivery. When it comes to tenders and bids, time is of the greatest essence, and our team of experts streamlines all projects, maintaining an impeccable track record.

Experienced Translation Professionals at Your Disposal

Our team is trained in almost one hundred languages, offering translation services in all kinds of tenders and documents. This includes, but is not limited to, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Invitations to Tender, contracts, insurance clauses, shares and partnership agreements.

Our philosophies & principles are consistent with companies' goals, and confidentiality is something that we value greatly at Wagner Consulting International. The linguistic professionals are all required to sign a confidentiality agreement which they must adhere to rigorously.

To utilize our services, give us a call or email us the chosen document stating the requirements clearly. We will take care of everything from there!