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Wagner Consulting International employs experts for professional Kinyarwanda translation for corporate, legal, academic, and every other purpose. We offer Kinyarwanda to English translation and vice versa with the promise of high quality and a quick turnaround. However, our services don’t end here. We hold expertise over more than 100 languages and you can choose Kinyarwanda translation into any other language or the other way around.

A Little About Kinyarwanda

Kinyarwanda is a popular dialect of Rwanda-Rund, a language spoken mainly in Rwanda. It is the official language of Rwanda, along with French and English. According to the latest survey, there are around 12 million speakers of Kinyarwanda language in Rwanda. However, the language is also spoken in several areas of Uganda. A lot of people in Rwanda can only speak and understand Kinyarwanda.

Why Us?

As a distinct dialect of the Rwanda-Rund language, Kinyarwanda is complex and difficult. That is why the translation requires expertise only professional linguists can provide. At Wagner Consulting International, we boast a team of experts who can provide high quality error-free translation services whether you want Kinyarwanda translated to any other language or the other way around.

We promote highest quality in this arena by ensuring complete and comprehensive proofreading and editing of the text we translate. We promise to preserve the meaning and context of the document along with the tone and jargons specific to your industry.