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Recently, Desktop Publishing (or DTP) has been gaining popularity on the world’s stage. The main objective of DTP is to ensure localization of graphics and print-ready material which reflect the target culture and adheres to the standards of each language’s associated target audience.

With 10 years experience in multilingual desktop publishing, we produce superb high quality documents with amazingly fast turn-around times. The focus of the industry lies in the internationalization of customer brochures and adaptation of publications. The area of catalogue creation in particular, has gained importance in the last months with WI offering besides clean comprehensive design, the completion of multi-lingual language orders on national and international scale right here from this website.

Desktop Publishing services have evolved as a critical element in a technical industry and we work in close unison with some of the best engineers, to create Auto CAD projects for the development of blueprints. Accuracy, dedication and reliability in producing excellent results is the major contributing factor that has helped WI become one of the leading choices in localization.

We is a company that has been successfully providing multilingual desktop publishing services to local and foreign clients for many years. Its DTP services are aimed to work with already established publishing methods and applications to create documents in the target languages with similar format specifications as the source files.