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Wagner Consulting International offers professional, quality-driven and quick Icelandic translation services, with great expertise in numerous topics and subject matters. Wagner Consulting International’s team of hardworking and dedicated translators demonstrates high proficiency in the Icelandic language, with each individual having an in-depth knowledge in a field of expertise.

The majority of our clients belong to popular industry niches, thus are adept in fields. These include:

Medical Translation
Automotive Translation
Financial Translation
Legal Translation
Tourism & Travel Translation
Telecommunication Translation
Media & Entertainment Translation

We believe that transparency is crucial when it comes to focusing on providing quality-orientated services to people, resulting in an easy, straight-forward process saving the client time and stress, time over time. And clients appreciate it!

With a team of highly qualified Icelandic translators, Wagner Consulting International has made sure that orders belonging to specialized and unique niches in translation, are processed to be exceptionally high quality. The team of professional editors proof-reads all the translated texts, ensuring that they always meet the exact requirements of every order. In some cases, where additions and alterations need to be made to content, it is send back the team of translators that will come up with a refined final version of the work.

Wagner Consulting International offers great value for money, a professional and positive work environment, great set-up, which makes sure that nothing is left unseen, and without holes which can affect productivity, efficiency, quality or price.