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If you want to reach out to your target market in Madagascar, Malagasy translation services are exactly what you should be looking for. Wagner Consulting International offers high quality professional Malagasy translation services to a diverse array of clients. Our clientele includes multinational corporations and local businesses as well as academic institutes and individuals. We are known for our high quality of works and our professionalism. We promise the shortest turnaround time and competitive rates.

A Little About Malagasy

Malagasy is among the many things people love about Madagascar. It is a sweet and exotic language spoken by more than 18 million people in Madagascar. This means, despite the size and diversity of the country, it is a language most of the people speak, understand, and use as the common language of communication. People of Madagascar, also called Malagasy people, are said to be highly attached to their language. Therefore, businesses trying to reach out to that particular market must be able to communicate and connect to them on the level they are comfortable with. That is why you need Malagasy translation service.

Why Us?

At Wagner Consulting international, we hold expertise not just in English and Malagasy, but also in over a hundred other languages such as French, Arabic, and Mandarin. We are not just translators; we are a team of highly qualified linguists with an understanding of your industry and the cultural aspects of Madagascar. We ensure preservation of meaning, context, as well as the particular tone of the content. Our sizable team allows us to answer even the most urgent needs and demands of our clients.