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Quality Assurance ISO 17100

At Wagner Consulting International, our staff and partners are committed to deliver the highest quality to our clients. In order to accomplish this, Wagner Consulting International works according to the latest ISO, EN and DIN standards, set out for Language Service Providers and quality management. Wagner Consulting is proud to have obtained the new international standard for translation services ISO 17100, that we have already been applying to all our language service projects, including but not limited to, translation work.

The ISO 17100 provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of quality translation services, that meet applicable specifications. Applying the ISO 17100 standard also provides the means by which a language service provider can demonstrate conformity in specified translation services, to ISO 17100 and, the capability of its processes and resources in delivering a translation service meets the client's (and other applicable specifications too). Clients can therefore rest assured that the international standard set out in ISO 17100 is being met and, certified language service providers are using it as their standard for all work. 

Requirements Set-Out by ISO 17100

ISO 17100 sets out the international standards for language service providers. Both translators and Project Managers need to have certified educations and to continuously receive training. External linguists (freelancers) too, should comply with the same standards. 

A further requirement, is data security for clients and adequate handling of such information. A standard language service provider, has to work with translating technologies, translation management tools, and terminology management systems. Revisions and edits are a must. This standard is nothing new for Wagner Consulting International, and is already exceeded while still applying the old translation standard DIN EN 15038.

Applying the translation management and quality management standard at Wagner Consulting International, lets our clients know that they have a reliable partner for all their language service needs. 

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