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Service Supporting Visually and Hearing Impaired

We know that both Visually and Hearing Impaired do have special requirements in their daily life. Wagner Consulting not only understands this need, but works closely with associations to further develop technology, service and to create a better environment.


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Braille Transcription

Our production team is capable of handling transcriptions of any kind of documens into Braille. No matter how complex your document is, or how simple, we will support you.

Large Print

Large Print becomes more important in our Industry. Our DTP Division has the skills to supply your materials formatted according to your specfications, including font and spacing and other requirements set out by you.

Sign Language

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Our friendly and skilled staff will be more than happy to consult you in a personal talk or feel free to send us your requirements, and we will be gladly returning you a call or send you a cost-effective quote.