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Wagner Consulting International is an online translation and language services provider, with high proficiency in German to English and English to German translations. Wagner Consulting International deals with all businesses, companies, corporations, enterprises and investors, of all sizes, as well as private individuals, start-ups and more. Wagner Consulting International has a highly dedicated team of professional local, native, German translators. Based in New York, Unites States, we cater for the world (and this is reflected in its portfolio of 7, 000 satisfied clients from all around the globe).

Wagner Consulting International's German translators are not only adept at the German language, but also have subject-related expertise, ensuring that translated text is not only grammatically sound but is also technically correct, and every time. Quality is of paramount priority, thus, Wagner Consulting International endeavours to always ensure that no matter what fields of expertise are needed, translators will provide with language services that are perfectly suited to even the most complex projects and specialities.

Since its inception in 2001, we have dealt with extremely complex English to German translations in fields such as adhesives, aeronautics, optics, machine engineering, laboratory equipment, and welding. German is a widely used and popular language all over the world with native speakers dispersed across the globe, and a rising number of international speakers. Other popular areas of expertise include financial, legal, business, promotional and the automotive fields.

Our German Translators Also Work on The Weekends!

Wagner Consulting International launched its Holiday and Weekend service in 2008, to cater for clients who might require translations during non-office times. Wagner Consulting International’s team of German translators is present at all times, producing infallibly high quality translations to and from the German language. Priority is given to customer service, hence, why the team of customer support specialists takes care of all enquiries, guiding clients through transparent translation processes.

Having expertise in translating manuals, intricate statements and technical documents Wagner Consulting International's team of German translators knows how to deal with every order perfectly. Rates are highly competitive, as WI’s vision is to provide the customers with the highest value for their money possible.

French Translators

Online experts identify the French language as the World Wide Web’s third most used languages amidst some of the largest economies in Europe. This language is predicted to have stable growth in the years to come. Brussels, known as Europe’s capital, is rapidly increasing its use of the Internet at a rate of 48 per cent, with Canada also amongst the countries with high level of internet use along with high disposable income. These factors, make French a highly relevant language, and Wagner Consulting International has the best translators that exist!

Our fields of expertise include specialities such as zoology, chemistry, taxation, real estate and lots more. English to French translators at Wagner Consulting International, are not only experts at both languages, but also have deep understanding of the fields that they have proficiency in.

The Importance of French

Along with having around 105 million native speakers, French is also spoken as a second language by nearly 190 million people all across the globe. After English, it is the most studied foreign language, and numerous international organizations and the United Nations itself, have French as an official language. Research shows that by the year 2050, French will be represented by approx. 7 per cent of the global population.

Along with being available 7 days a week, we ensures client satisfaction at all phases of the translation process and guarantees only the very highest quality by French translators.

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