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As one of the 11 official languages of the country, Sepedi, or the Northern Sotho language, holds great significance in South Africa. Wagner Consulting International helps businesses translate their marketing material, contracts, legal papers, and all other kind of text into Sepedi or from Sepedi to English of any other language. We serve businesses as well as individuals and non-profit organizations with translation of Sepedi text in various forms. We translate books, eBooks, webpages, manuals, legal documents, and works of fiction, to name a few.

All About Sepedi

There are more than 10 million Sepedi speakers in South Africa. Sepedi is considered a dialect of Buntu language, and nearly 4 million people speak it as a second language. One interesting fact about Sepedi is the click sound that it has eventually acquired from the Nguni languages of Africa. Since, it is spoken in South Africa, most speakers can speak and understand English as their second language. However, studies reveal that a message communicated in Sepedi holds more impact as compared to one delivered in English. That is why smart businesses choose Sepedi Translation for a more customer friendly conversation.

Why Us?

Wagner Consulting International provides all the features and benefits you look for in a Sepedi translation services. Not only are we professionally qualified and experienced linguists, we are experts who are well aware of your industry and your prospects’ culture. We save you from mistakes that may misrepresent your brand across the borders. We work closely with each client to make sure all their demands and expectations are met in the most satisfactory manner.

Most importantly, we promise you the shortest turnaround time, an error–free, proofread, and edited translation, and a highly competitive price.