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Training and Education division at Wagner Consulting International is a priority, aiming to keep our professional divisions appraised as to changes in languages, techniques, sales techniques, new services, objectives etc., essential to running and providing a world class company. That is why Wagner Consulting International has its own Training and Education Division, in-house. We train and educate our staff to be able to fulfil clients’ specifications perfectly, as well as to fulfil general industry standards excellently too, holding ISO 17100 certification. Services are continually evolving, ever producing new challenges, new objectives, changes in law as well as changes in languages, idioms, terminology etc., needing staff to be constantly updated, so as to continue being the very best they can.

Translators and interpreters, for example, have the function of translating information from one language to another without losing meaning, therefore they need to know each language perfectly. Typically characterized by the great capacity to learn, translators and interpreters naturally worry about the use of a language, spelling, grammar etc. as part of their inner make-up, and so welcome training in their speciality periodically. Project Management, Sales and Quality Assurance too: new techniques and ideas are continually developed as products and services change and as staff numbers increase with the expansion of a company. Training and education is a way to help staff be updated on these changes and also on how to deal with them, whilst providing the same or higher standard of quality as always. Staff is a vital component to any mission; without them nothing is possible. So well-trained staff is an added plus, contributing to the overall performance of a company, which is then translated into high quality services and their delivery, creating reputation, which in turn increases demand in that company’s services/products, and so profits. 

Wagner Consulting International has ISO 17100 certification: a certification which sets the standards in the execution of linguistic services and solutions. It is absolutely paramount that we provide only the very highest quality of services to all our customers and to also make sure that customers are being delivered what they are paying for. And that comes through our staff and staff training and education via our in-house Training & Education Division. We are extremely proud of our services, and we are even more proud of our highly-trained, resourceful and committed staff, who are genuinely devoted to satisfying every order perfectly and as is fitting.

Our trainers are people with decades of years experience, holding University degrees in the business industry, as well in languages and linguistics, sales, quality assurance, project management and more. They are every bit as committed to our staff as the staff are to the consumer. We are already one of the world’s very best language and interpretation solutions providers anywhere on the planet, serving six continents, never outsourcing and only ever using native speakers in target languages. And we want to keep it that way.

If you would like to start reaping the benefits of being a Wagner Consulting International client/partner, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now. We are confident you will be more than glad you did.