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Patent and Intellectual Property Translators You Can Trust

Experience is important, both measurably in years of doing a job, but also measurable in skills working in a specialized field. Wagner Consulting has both. Established in 2001, Wagner has been working with the legal industry from the very beginning and developed a team of specialists, our clients can trust. Our translators have at least 10 years of experience in their field.

Our firm will consult you to maneuvr efficiently through the patent application process and we listen closely to your needs, taking away the pressure from a complicated and complex translation requirements. We also support you with rush needs – as we know your are sometimes facing pressuring deadlines.

Our production teams will project manage your complex and demanding multilingual translation of your patents from all the language combinations you require. We are not limited and translate into and from all language combinations, including but not limited to German to English, English to German, or French to German as well as German to French.

We guarantee an efficient and highly effective service. Our ISO 17100 certified Quality Assurance sets industry standards.

Settle For The Best Industry Specialists

Our translators are industry specialists and have more than 10 years experience in their specialist field. We respond to your special requirements in a quick timely manner and translate any specialized topic from Medical to Technical, including Biscience and Chemical topics.

Let Wagner support you with your patent translation needs:

  • Patent specification translation for validation in the U.S., European Territories and Overseas
  • Multilingual translation of Descriptions, Claims and Abstracts
  • Translator Verification or Certification*
  • Special Formatting – ensure documents are ready to send to your agent abroad
  • Rebuilding Complex tables, drawings, graphs and flow charts
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance – FREE SERVICE


Verification of a translation means that the translation must be accompanied by a statement signed by the applicant or by the translator, to the effect that, to the best of his knowledge, the translation is complete and faithful.  There are only a few designated Offices that require verification.


Certification of a translation means that the translation must be certified by a public authority or a sworn translator. This is usually not required for an (international) application, but if a designated office reasonably has doubts about the accuracy of the translation, it may require the applicant to furnish a certification of the translation.

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