Expert Know-How for Companies

From the onset, Wagner Consulting International has had the same vision to make possible the impossible. This devoted mindset has enabled the company to grow consistently, since 2001. 

Our goal is to create a new type of company, which, as opposed to its competitors, offers a complete up-market service, offering cost-effective and efficient communication solutions to all. Wagner Consulting International already offers a comprehensive service package with globe-spanning management, multi-national departments and, additional back-up departments, such as full-service language translations and interpreting. The company is already working on three continents and, is in the position to make a long-term impression on the international market. We hold high expectations of its employees, enjoys great transparency and boasts a new angle from which to focus from: unbeatable services, at great value for money. The increase in globalization means that companies face new challenges, thus the communication needs of individual firms also grow. We were early in recognizing this fact and have reacted accordingly to the benefit of everyone.

With our communication team, are we able to offer a very full service to companies and individuals alike, with widespread back-up services in our range of languages. That means that companies can contact us 24 hours a day for general enquiries, orders, direct questions and problem-solving. Regular customers can also reach us seven days a week, including at peak hours and holidays. We consider our clients to be its most important asset, striving to ensure that each and every one of them is taken care of in the way they deserve. Thanks to this, we always makes sure that all orders are done right the first time, rather than going back to make revisions countless times.

The departments currently available, include everything from law to medical translating services, and from business to financial translations. There are dozens, if you wish to enquire, then please go to our Contact Us page. We never miss a word with our highly trained and well-versed staff!