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Wagner Consulting International is a renowned name in Chichewa translation and translator services. We cater to corporate clients as well as those from various industries such as aerospace, medical, IT, and education. We work closely with our clients in order to provide highly accurate and relevant translation within the least possible time. We translate all kinds of text, be it in the form of a document, book, eBook, or software.

A Little About Chichewa

Chichewa is a Malawi language mostly spoken in Zambia and Mozambique. Many people in other countries of south-central Africa speak Chichewa. People often consider it a dialect of Malawi, but the widespread usage gives it an identity of its own. It is the world’s third most spoken local language as well. According to a survey, nearly 6 million people speak this language, and therefore, it is often used in official documents and tech manuals in the region.

Why Us?

Wagner Consulting International boasts a team of professional Chichewa translators who are experts at what they do. Whether you need Chichewa to English translation or English to Chichewa, we have you covered. We maintain our quality through our diligent quality assurance process that involves extensive editing and proofing. Our experts are also aware of your specific industry and you don’t have to worry about the tone or context being lost in translation.

You can rely on our quality, our competitive cost, and our commitment to deliver within deadlines. Other than Chichewa and English, we can provide translation services for 50 other languages.