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Tshiluba, also known as the Luba Kasai language, is spoken by a large number of people in Central Africa. Wagner Consulting International holds great pride in offering the most reliable Tshiluba translation services to clients from a diverse range of market sectors. With a team of qualified linguists by our side, we have served a great number of clients from corporate, public, and educational sectors. There is no limit to the types of project we are capable of successfully completing. From legal documents to research papers, and from scripts to ad copies, we translate it all from Tshiluba to English and other languages, or vice versa.

A Little About Tshiluba

Tshiluba is a language that is also known by a variety of other names including the Luba-Ksai, Ciluba, Luba-Lula, and just Luba. It is the national language of the Democratic republic of Congo. Like other languages of the country, it also has Bantu roots. It is, as of now, spoken by more than 7 million people in Africa. Many linguists and language experts agree that it is one of the most complicated and difficult languages. That is the reason, a perfect Tshiluba translation requires more than just the ability to read, speak, and understand.

Why Us?

At Wagner Consulting International, we work with experts who have the ability to decipher languages on a deeper level. They understand the connection between the source and translation language in order to provide clear and contextual translation without any ambiguity. We chose the most qualified professionals because we want our clients to choose us with confidence. Other than Tshiluba and English, we have a team with expertise over hundred different languages including Arabic, French, German, and numerous African dialects.