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Wagner Consulting International offers expert Kituba translation services to clients all over the world. Whether you want a Kituba to English translation or translation of any other language to Kituba and vice versa, we can help you out in the most professional manner. With years of experience under our belt, we promise an agile and expedited service without even the slightest compromise on the quality. We translate all kinds of material including books, webpage, technical manuals, and scripts to name a few.

A Little About Kituba

Kituba is a dialect of Creole, mainly spoken in Central Africa. It is one of the many Bantu languages spoken in the region. It is the national language of Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most people who speak Kituba are unable to read, speak or comprehend any other language used in the area. That is one reason most of the text or content has to be translated to Kituba in order to reach out to the locals. As of the last survey held during the early 90s, there were more than 5 million Kituba speakers. Many speculated that the number is past 10 million now.

Why Us?

At Wagner Consulting International, we hire professional linguists to translate material without losing the tone and context of the content. We work with specialists that have experience and insight regarding the languages as well as the industry. We promise a fast translation service and error-free text, edited and proofed by a team of professionals. Most importantly, our translations are not limited to Kituba and English. We hold expertise over 100 different languages spoken around the globe.