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Wagner Consulting International holds a premiere position in the Sesotho translation arena. It is one of the hundred different languages we hold expertise over. We provide professional translation of text and content in Sesotho to other languages and vice versa. Our services are designed to cater to quality-conscious clientele such as corporate and public sector. We translate all kinds of material including legal documents, business contracts, presentations, scripts, and books.

All About Sesotho

Sesotho, also known as Sotho, is one of the 11 official languages of South Africa. It is mainly spoken in Lesotho. Like most languages spoken in the region, it is also considered a member of the Buntu language. Many linguists consider it more of a dialect rather than a language. According to the last census, Sesotho is the first language for nearly 8 percent of the population of South Africa. Therefore, businesses that believe in reaching out to such a diverse region, Sesotho translation can serve as a powerful tool in creating a powerful impact.

Why Us?

If you are looking for Sesotho translation service, Wagner Consulting international is the best you can find. What sets us apart is our great concern for quality and customer satisfaction. We work with a team of professional linguists who help you overcome language as well as cultural barriers. We have years of experience behind us and our diverse clientele gives us immense insight into various industries as well as their different needs.

With Wagner Consulting international, you get high quality Sesotho translation service with a promise of competitive prices and the shortest turnaround time.