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With a wide range of comprehensive translation and language services, Wagner Consulting International takes pride in its voice-over services.

Wagner Consulting International manages scripts provided by clients, in a wide range of international languages. We take into account the informal expressions used in languages to create genuine voice-overs, as the team only translates info in to languages in which they are native. Likewise, fast and accurate voice-over translation services are offered to clients who may have difficulty in understanding instructions or messages in a foreign language.

The fields of expertise are vast, and therefore, make sure that the level of accuracy in our translations is always 100 per cent perfect. French, German, English, and Chinese are the languages that are in high demand for voice-overs currently, and we have language pairing services available where two or more foreign languages of their choice are paired together, for translating. For instance, Wagner Consulting International provides solutions for businesses and individuals who need voice-over translation services from French to Swedish, or Chinese to Finnish etc. A complete list of supported language pairings can be viewed here.

Wagner Consulting International takes care of minor intricacies in languages. Meanings of entire sentences can be affected, therefore, only dedicated multi-language translators are used.
Customer service is a core value in our work ethic, hence, we are always available to guide and help our clients. Send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance.

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