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As a language spoken around Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, Oromo is crucial for any business planning to reach out to customers or partners in the region. Wagner International Consulting understands your needs and helps you overcome the language barriers in the path of businesses growth. We provide complete and comprehensive Oromo translation services based on in-depth understanding of the language and cultural differences. We serve corporations, individuals, local businesses, as well as non-profit organizations.

A Little About Oromo

Oromo is the mother tongue for more than 24 million people in the Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. Due to the lower literacy rate of the region, it is in most cases the only language spoken and understood by the natives. Oromo is quite ancient Afro-Asiatic language and therefore holds great respect. It is such a diverse language that linguists often categorize it in various mutually exclusive dialects.

Why Us?

At Wagner Consulting international, we boast expertise of almost all the popular dialects of Oromo. We are not just translators who can speak the language, but qualified professional linguists who can analyze the language and translation at a more technical level. That is what helps us avoid major translation faux-pas such as the loss of context or the change of tone.

We do not limit our services to a particular industry. We serve corporate as well as the public sector. A large number of our clients are creative individuals and non-profit organizations. We promise a diligent and agile service offered at the most competitive rates.