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Africa contains a wealth of languages. Estimates stand at 33 per cent of the world’s languages reside in the continent, and most of those, are non-Bantu based tongues. Approximately 250 dialects are from Bantu origin, whilst the others are separate unconnected languages, such as Arabic, Amharic and Afrikaans, to name but a few.

Wagner Consulting International not only offers excellence, speed and efficiency, but choice too. Company translators are amongst the most varied, experienced and skilled anywhere on the planet, providing services of every kind even in all the largely spoken Bantu languages of Africa (see African Bantu Languages page). Non-Bantu based languages of Africa, include the following

·  Afrikaans

·  Amharic

·  Arabic

·  Hausa

·  Igbo

·  Malagasy

·  Oromo

·  Somali

·  Tigrinya

·  Wolof

·  Yoruba

There is a high demand for services in many of the above languages, especially with today’s levels of Asylum seekers, immigration numbers and trade between North Africa and the EU and Russia. And Wagner Consulting International offers guaranteed quality of work, translated and interpreted by experts familiar with in current affairs in each country, the culture, business, legal and political situations and sensitivities.

If quality is what is needed, nobody offers higher than Wagner Consulting International.